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Dive into the thrill at High Wycombe Escape Rooms!

Embark on an extraordinary escape where riddles and reality collide. Four epic adventures beckon – will you outsmart ancient enigmas or unravel modern mysteries? Each room is more than a game; it’s a pulse-racing narrative you’ll lead.

From mystic quests to spy tales, test your wits against the clock. Team up, think fast, and make memories. Whether you’re a puzzle master or a first-time escaper, excitement awaits in every corner.

Ready for a dash of drama and a sprinkle of teamwork? Your story starts now. Can you rise to the occasion?

Let the games begin!

Find Aunt Edna’s mischievous cat’s before she gets home or else there’s trouble!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Fun Time

Work as a team to solve the puzzles, unlock the riddles and find the stag! It’s your fault he is missing!

🍺 Multi-Room Set

What has uncle Reg got to say? Why does he want you? What is the secret? Will you escape?

💵 Spooky Thriller

Embark on extraordinary escapes where seasonal wonders and riddles collide. Two festive adventures await—will you outsmart winter enigmas or unravel holiday mysteries? Each room is a heart-pounding narrative, and you’re the lead.

Let the seasonal games begin! 🗝️

🍃 Themed Fun

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