Team Building | Corporate Events

Team Building | Corporate Events

Team Fatigue?

In the fast-paced world of modern work, team tiredness can make it much harder for people to work together and get things done, which are key traits of successful teams. This tiredness makes it harder for people on the team to talk to each other, be creative, and feel connected to each other. The effects are widespread, affecting not only the team’s work but also their happiness and interest in their job as a whole.

Organisations can take a break from their daily tasks and recharge at corporate team-building events like those found at High Wycombe Escape Rooms. These events are fun and allow teams to rediscover their ability to work together. These events are not just fun breaks; they are smart investments in the team’s dynamics. They give members the chance to work together on problems in new settings, which improves their ability to communicate, work together, and solve problems. This method not only fixes the short-term effects of team fatigue, but it also improves the team’s long-term performance and resiliency.

About Us

When you join us at High Wycombe Escape Rooms, you and your colleagues are transported into new worlds to solve puzzles, crack codes and race against the clock in thrilling high-pressured adventures.

These experiences will drive motivation, facilitate skill development and allow teams to let their hair down and jump straight into the action. Whether you’re working in the office or at home, if you’re looking to spark a buzz of team excitement, our Escape Rooms are the answer.

Our Escape Rooms are situated in The Works restaurant, meaning we can accommodate groups that want to host a meeting, eat, drink and make a real day of it.

98% of our reviewers rated us 5 stars across TripAdvisor and Google and our games have been loved by groups of all ages and abilities.

Why Choose Us

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Our Packages

Reserve your corporate gathering with us today! Experience our flexible accommodations for groups ranging from 10 to 45 individuals. Indulge in food and beverage packages, access to spacious meeting areas, and the option for exclusive venue rental. Elevate your next event with us.

Team Building Events

Team Building Events

£30 / Person

Escape Enthusiasts

Escape Room Enthusiasts

£35 / Person

Meet . Escape . Eat

Meet Escape Eat Corporate Escape Packages

£50 / Person

*available Mon to Fri, some dates excluded

Our Escape Games

Dive into the thrill at High Wycombe Escape Rooms!

Embark on an extraordinary escape where riddles and reality collide. Three epic adventures beckon – will you outsmart ancient enigmas or unravel modern mysteries? Each room is more than a game; it’s a pulse-racing narrative you’ll lead.

From mystic quests to spy tales, test your wits against the clock. Team up, think fast, and make memories. Whether you’re a puzzle master or a first-time escaper, excitement awaits in every corner.

Ready for a dash of drama and a sprinkle of teamwork? Your story starts now. Can you rise to the occasion?

Let the games begin!

Find Aunt Edna’s mischievous cat’s before she gets home or else there’s trouble!

Family Fun Time

Work as a team to solve the puzzles, unlock the riddles and find the stag! It’s your fault he is missing!

Multi-Room Set

What has uncle Reg got to say? Why does he want you? What is the secret? Will you escape?

Spooky Thriller

Embark on extraordinary escapes where seasonal wonders and riddles collide. Two festive adventures await—will you outsmart winter enigmas or unravel holiday mysteries? Each room is a heart-pounding narrative, and you’re the lead.

Let the seasonal games begin!

Themed Fun


Explore firsthand accounts of exceptional team-building experiences at High Wycombe Escape Rooms. Our testimonials offer a glimpse into the dynamic adventures and team cohesion achieved in our immersive escape rooms. From fostering motivation in corporate teams to providing high-energy fun for friends, these testimonials reflect the impactful outcomes of our immersive games. Join the ranks of satisfied participants who have discovered the extraordinary team-building opportunities at High Wycombe Escape Rooms, where testimonials echo the success and joy of memorable events.

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